gonna sign up for sts135 coverage

gonna sign up for sts135 coverage

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Athens Road Warrior asks should 316 become toll road?

The debate rages on.

You know about the traffic and hear about the car wrecks and constant construction upgrades slowing parts of Georgia Highway 316 to a crawl.

Would turning the infamous University Parkway into a toll road help? How about the limited access design that was supposed to be built in the first place, with overpasses instead of traffic light intersections?

I’ve witnessed drivers entering the road and crawling and into the fast lane in front of 65 mph traffic causing other drivers to swerve and dive for the brakes.

On my commute home a driver cut across four lanes of high speed traffic near the Gwinnett/Barrow County line nearly causing a multivehicle accident. What was he thinking?

The Athens Banner-Herald reports on the latest Hwy 316 issues in their Sunday editions.

And a growing number of Facebook fans seem to have good ideas themselves.

But is anyone listening?

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Athens Road Warrior Holiday Special

Well, it looks like one of our most visible Bulldogs did not pay attention to the posts right here warning about zero tolerance for drivers during the July 4th holiday week.

Or the huge amount of Smokey Alerts on our twitter site @316roadwarrior in and around Athens and Atlanta.

Well, like they say, “Too bad, so sad.”

But don’t let that happen to you…and if it does, ditch the red panties first, OK?

Here’s a reminder fellow 316 Road Warriors: It’s a holiday week and many motorists are still hitting the roadways for some well-earned vacation time and their minds might not be on the highway. (his certainly weren’t)

So while you’re on the road don’t forget about the Ga. Dept. of Public Safety’s crash predictions and keep both hands on the wheel!

And remember the pair of new driving laws in Georgia that went into effect on July 1, 2010.

Our regular East and West bound Ga. Highway 316 postings will resume shortly so until then keep it between the lines!

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Athens Road Warrior Day One without texting

OK, so today is the first test: no texting while driving.

I don’t know how it will go for you but I tried this a few times just to get the feel for it.

And I must say it felt…weird.

It’s even hard to remember NOT driving while texting and that goes waayyy way back to the alpha-numeric pagers I carried around as a journalist, followed by the cryptic Skypager which allowed you to send short message not unlike Twitter!

In fact I remember one pretty clearly that came from my boss, “Call me now 404-xxx-xxxx!”

I guess if it’s an emergency then the cost, in fines and driving points, would be worth it.

But for now I think I’ll just check movie times and Facebook when I get a break at work!

Stay tuned for my almost LIVE! reports from Highway 316 @316RoadWarrior twice each day and remember to keep both hands on the wheel.

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Monday Athens Road Warrior

T-minus two-days and counting.

All systems are “go” for that new Georgia law prohibiting texting and driving to go into effect, after Gov. Sonny Perdue recently signed it.

I’m not so sure it will do much good on Ga. Highway 316 because the majority of problem drivers I documented last week were talking with phones up to their ears and driving like morons.

Proving once again that of it’s hard to chew gum and walk so just imagine what it’s like to drive and talk (on the phone)!

Here’s  a novel solution for about the same price as that P-O-S Bluetooth earpiece that makes y’all look so goofy.

Get a hands-free Bluetooth stereo radio/CD player for your dash.

For real!

They’re amazingly cheap, around $150, and allow you to keep both hands on the wheel concentrating on the road instead of fumbling for that phone.

Check it out at your neighborhood electronics store and tell them the Athens Road Warrior sent you.

Don’t forget our Almost-LIVE! tweets each day will keep you updated on gas, smokey’s, construction and road kill.

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Weekend update from Athens Road Warrior

Quick update from the mainland.

Don’t forget Athfest continues Sunday in downtown Athens, Ga. Great music, good times and likely some parking snafus and traffic, too!

Every morning between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. we bring you fresh Road Kill reports, Hazardous Driving alerts, Gas prices, Construction activities, Moron Auto Driver alerts and more!

Come back each early evening for the flip flop between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and check us out on Twitter for almost LIVE conditions. (Hey we’re trying to get into the swing of the new law prohibiting texting and driving)

Bookmarks the link to our Twitter reports @316RoadWarror

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Update from your Athens Road Warrior

Only seven more days to text and drive, so get ready to put away that Blackberry or iPhone and read the new anti-texting law right here.

Find all of our daily Highway 316 travel tips, snafus and observations here at AthensRoadWarrior.WordPress.com or follow us on our Twitter @316RoadWarrior

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