Monday Athens Road Warrior

T-minus two-days and counting.

All systems are “go” for that new Georgia law prohibiting texting and driving to go into effect, after Gov. Sonny Perdue recently signed it.

I’m not so sure it will do much good on Ga. Highway 316 because the majority of problem drivers I documented last week were talking with phones up to their ears and driving like morons.

Proving once again that of it’s hard to chew gum and walk so just imagine what it’s like to drive and talk (on the phone)!

Here’s  a novel solution for about the same price as that P-O-S Bluetooth earpiece that makes y’all look so goofy.

Get a hands-free Bluetooth stereo radio/CD player for your dash.

For real!

They’re amazingly cheap, around $150, and allow you to keep both hands on the wheel concentrating on the road instead of fumbling for that phone.

Check it out at your neighborhood electronics store and tell them the Athens Road Warrior sent you.

Don’t forget our Almost-LIVE! tweets each day will keep you updated on gas, smokey’s, construction and road kill.


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Seeing the city through the eyes of a seasoned newsperson with the heart of a college senior.
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