Athens Road Warrior Holiday Special

Well, it looks like one of our most visible Bulldogs did not pay attention to the posts right here warning about zero tolerance for drivers during the July 4th holiday week.

Or the huge amount of Smokey Alerts on our twitter site @316roadwarrior in and around Athens and Atlanta.

Well, like they say, “Too bad, so sad.”

But don’t let that happen to you…and if it does, ditch the red panties first, OK?

Here’s a reminder fellow 316 Road Warriors: It’s a holiday week and many motorists are still hitting the roadways for some well-earned vacation time and their minds might not be on the highway. (his certainly weren’t)

So while you’re on the road don’t forget about the Ga. Dept. of Public Safety’s crash predictions and keep both hands on the wheel!

And remember the pair of new driving laws in Georgia that went into effect on July 1, 2010.

Our regular East and West bound Ga. Highway 316 postings will resume shortly so until then keep it between the lines!


About World's oldest GSU senior

Seeing the city through the eyes of a seasoned newsperson with the heart of a college senior.
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