Athens Road Warrior asks should 316 become toll road?

The debate rages on.

You know about the traffic and hear about the car wrecks and constant construction upgrades slowing parts of Georgia Highway 316 to a crawl.

Would turning the infamous University Parkway into a toll road help? How about the limited access design that was supposed to be built in the first place, with overpasses instead of traffic light intersections?

I’ve witnessed drivers entering the road and crawling and into the fast lane in front of 65 mph traffic causing other drivers to swerve and dive for the brakes.

On my commute home a driver cut across four lanes of high speed traffic near the Gwinnett/Barrow County line nearly causing a multivehicle accident. What was he thinking?

The Athens Banner-Herald reports on the latest Hwy 316 issues in their Sunday editions.

And a growing number of Facebook fans seem to have good ideas themselves.

But is anyone listening?


About World's oldest GSU senior

Seeing the city through the eyes of a seasoned newsperson with the heart of a college senior.
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